Connor-Jay Hughes | London & Brighton Copywriter

What I Do

I’m a copywriter based in Brighton and my job s pretty simple; I listen to you, find out who you are and what words your business needs to hit your targets.

I create content that helps you achieve your goals, whether that’s ranking your business on Google’s first page results, rewriting your website’s copy or helping you develop a new tone of voice for your business. 

You may not know exactly what you need, which is fine, that’s where I come in and help pinpoint areas that need tweaking or improving. I know how to effectively communicate with your audience to drive more conversions and increase your brand awareness. 

Clear communication is at the forefront of good copy.

I don’t like waffly business jargon and neither does your audience.

Copy should be clear, concise and engaging. The bottom line is getting your audience and customers to act on your service.

My Copywriting Experience

I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English Literature – my MA specialised in playwriting and comedy (I am, quite frankly, hilarious).

I bring four years’ experience of copywriting across 20 different industries, including digital marketing, construction, dentistry, professional dating and medical/surgical institutions, to name a few.

I have helped my clients go from having no online presence to fighting the for top spot on Google for competitive keywords, all through SEO copywriting

My strengths lie in writing SEO copy and helping clients rank for their targeted keywords. However, I also have experience in print, having written for fashion, food and lifestyle features.

Why Me?

My Many Voices – Having copywriting experience across multiple different industries has allowed me to develop different ‘voices’. This allows me to effectively communicate with a number of different audience demographics and convince them to act and engage with your business. I ensure the voice of your brand is consistent across all platforms, including websites, articles, press releases, emails and more.

In-depth Keyword Research – I’m also able to perform in-depth keyword research to identify your main lead-generating keywords and optimise your content and drive you more leads and conversions.

Whether this is your first time enquiring about copywriting or you’ve worked with copywriters in the past, I’m here to listen and help you achieve your goals.

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