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I take a no-jargon approach to copywriting. My job is to understand our business to help create engaging content that drives leads and generates conversions.

I’m here to help place your business on the map using words you like.

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SEO Copywriting

If your company is looking to grow their brand awareness and drive more conversions, you need an SEO copywriter.

Below are the services I offer:

seo copywriting
  • Traffic Driving Content – traffic driving content targets high-volume keywords that bring visitors to your website, keeps them on your site and increases brand awareness.
  • Lead Generating Content – this content revolves around keywords that drive conversions and express an ‘intent to buy’. I look at how your business makes money and then create content that persuades and sells your service. 
  • Information Hub – collecting unique information from your business (product, service etc) that is not readily available to the public in order for other websites to ‘link’ to it. This also increases brand awareness and places you as an authority of your topic.

Ad, Business & Web Copywriting 

Covers a multitude of copywriting channels. From short snappy ad copy to press releases for new employees, I’m here to help you scream and shout about how awesome your business is. 

b2b copywriting
  • Ad Copywriting – I utilise persuasive language and emotional triggers to bring your brand’s identity to life.
  • Business to Business Copywriting – b2b copywriting is all about highlighting the benefits of your business’s product (or service) enough to entice another business to buy from you. 
  • Press Releases – snappy and straight to the point press releases that hook-line-and-sinker your targeted media outlets.
  • Editingwhether your website needs a complete rewrite, or you simply need a few edits to a brochure, article or press release. I offer copy editing across all content mediums.

Print Copywriting

Who said print is dead? No one. 

print copywriting
  • Direct Response Copywriting – covers a multitude of copywriting techniques but is particularly effective with direct mail. You need to sell your service or product in as little words as possible.
  • Brochure Copywriting – prioritising your message and combining it with your brochure design is the key to successful brochure copywriting.
  • Magazine Features – I work with the information you give me to help create an engaging, informative and compelling article that fits your brief.

Need Something Else?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send me an email with some ideas for your content and we can start discussing what you need.

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