Website Copywriting

The main task of a website copywriter is to write words that sell through various online channels.

Whether that’s buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter or calling a phone number. Compelling a reader to act and convert is a website copywriter’s top priority.

A Website Copywriter Can..

☆ Create online copy designed to sell

☆ Rewrite and edit existing web or SEO content

☆ Identify key brand themes and creates copy to suit

☆ Promotes brand awareness through unique content

☆ Captures a brand’s major selling points in bitesize form

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What is Website Copywriting?

A web copywriter may choose to specialise in one form of copywriting (PPC ads, or SEO web copywriting, for example) or they may prefer to work across several different channels.

Website copywriting is often tough to narrow down but in a nutshell, it can be split into two ‘types’. The first are freelance copywriters who specialise in compelling people to take action. This could be calling a phone number, subscribing to a newsletter or buying a product.

The second are content writers, or web content copywriters, who create informational content to engage readers and raise brand awareness.

This is the same difference between copywriting and content writing; copy is designed to sell a product or service, content is designed to engage and raise brand awareness.

Popular tasks for freelance web copywriters include creating:

  • website copywriting
    Landing pages
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posting
  • Product, category and meta descriptions
  • Emails
  • Job descriptions

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The core branches of web copy

All web copy must intrigue and invite readers to learn more about the product or service you’re offering. Once they land on your website, your copy has to get them to stay and act on whatever you’re writing about. With that being said, getting them to actually land on your website or page is a skill in itself, this is where SEO copy comes into play.

Web copywriting as a number of branches, let’s break them down (not literally, we like trees).

SEO Copy

Right, first things first, let’s talk about SEO copy and why it’s important.

SEO copywriting is copy that is optimised to include key phrases and search terms. These keywords are things that people type into search engines to find information. Let’s say you want to hire a freelance copywriter in Brighton, what would type into Google?

seo web copy

“Freelance copywriter Brighton”, or “hire freelance copywriter in Brighton” or “web copywriter freelance”, you get the idea.

By utilising keywords using keyword research, you can optimise your content to help Google understand what you’re writing about and in turn, push your content further up the search results (and gain more visitors).

Understanding how SEO works is critical for every web copywriter. Sometimes keywords can be tricky to incorporate, but that’s where being creative comes in. With that being said, always remember that you’re writing for people as well as Google. Always create content that’s engaging, actionable and relatable for your audience.

SEO Copy is More than Just ‘Selling’

Another branch of SEO copywriting is the art of the blog. The articles found in your blog should also target high volume keywords and read clearly and concisely. The main aim for this type of content is to get people to share it across social channels, raising brand awareness.

Sure, you can include articles about your company party and your skiing trip, people like to know that there are humans writing these articles, in fact, it’s incredibly important when building relationships with clients.

However, more importantly, the blog needs to include consistent, engaging and regular content that targets keywords surrounding your business. Additionally, this content will also benefit from linking back to reputable authorities online. For example, if you’re writing about relationship advice, be sure to reference and link back to some high authority dating sites, such as The Vida Consultancy and Cosmopolitan.

Doing this lets the Google crawlers assess and understand the quality of your content, which again, helps your ranking positions.

Ad Copywriting

Ad copy is one of the biggest branches of website copywriting. The term generally refers to the immediate text of a clickable ad, this could be on a PPC ad (more on that later) or simply a captivating headline for a product or service.

Ad copy can also be combined with SEO and other marketing tactics to help create engaging, actionable content – not just PPC and contextual ads.

In short, as long as the copywriter understands their client’s business, their audience demographic, and the product or service they intend to sell, ad copy can be written effectively.

PPC Ad Copy

There’s no secret formula to website or ad copywriting. Your writing simply needs to connect with the audience’s subconscious desires and get them to act on something they were already interested in.

PPC advertisements are the green clickable links you see when type a search term into Google. For example, if I were to type in ‘SEO agency in Brighton’, this is what would show up:

website copywriting services

The majority of advertisers will also incorporate keywords into their ads to help Google (and searchers) understand what exactly they’re selling.

The link itself should be written in a persuasive way to compel the reader to take action, but also provide information on where the clickable link leads. The reader has already made the first step of searching for a keyword that relates to your service, the next step is to get them to click the ad.

It’s likely that you will have to trial and test different types of ad copy to understand what gets the highest click-through rates and then use that knowledge to create more clickable ads based on the results.

Google AdWords is a great piece of software to create the ads and measure their conversion rate success.

The Importance of Ad Copy in PPC

Although only two to three lines long, ad copy for PPC is incredibly important. Without it, why would you click on the link?

Catching the attention of interested searchers is the first step, the next is hooking them in and convincing them to click through to the webpage, and that responsibility rests on the copywriter’s shoulders.

Patchwork Copy Tip:

If your writing is honest and true to your client’s business, people will be more likely to take action. You may feel it necessary to use big snazzy words that sound oh-so-clever, but generally, people prefer clear and concise language.

Do I Need Website Copywriting?

Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without. Blogs aren’t just a pretty addition to your site, they drive relevant traffic and can lead to more assisted conversions.

Web copy is tough to condense, but basically, any writing that is put online to promote or sell a product or service can be classed as web copy. And, knowing which type of web content you require is crucial in order to achieve your business’s goals.

Website Copywriting is Now a Necessity

Every project begins with a phone call to discuss your ideas and what you’re looking for.

Whether you require minor edits to your current web copy or you’re looking for the full website copywriting package, we work together to identify which areas need improving.

(Web copywriting rates depend on the type of work you require).

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